Inside the Instrument ModuleLet's try the other waySixty feet (and sixty degrees) belowSouth Pole Station power plantPre-war museum piece in regular operationAllowable cabin loadCrossing the Transantarctic MountainsEn route to the South PoleThat's why they're called AviatorsHiking the Castle Rock loopStirling-cycle microcoolerFarewell AntarcticaAGAP fuel cache/airdrop siteLet's blow this popsicle standIce fernsWelcome to Ridge AShifting snow for ScienceSouth Pole recreationNature always winsTracking decaying satellitesCrane Cat and handlerSouth Pole Overland TraverseLC-130 grounded at the South PoleHot loading and combat offloadSeal out of waterPressure ridgesHello from sunny AntarcticaSpectacular engine failureRidge A international airportPlateau Observatory batteryEngine intake heater failurePlateau Observatory enginesAnother day at the officeDiamond dust and sun dogsSouth Pole station tunnelsServicing team southboundHappy Camper snow schoolObligatory penguin photo