About the author

For a little over ten years I've pursued a career in practical research, working on various personal and professional projects spanning many aspects of the natural sciences. Currently, I'm designing and building robots to explore the ocean. I'm also an advocate for science education and resource conservation, believing these two areas to be closely linked. In rare moments of contractual downtime I like to develop laser show software and projection systems.

Regardless of the application, technical work quickly becomes tedious. I choose it for the satisfaction that comes from solving difficult problems, and the opportunity to be involved with interesting projects. Though my day-to-day work is only of interest to a limited audience, deploying systems designed for extreme ambient conditions has taken me to some exciting and unusual locations - a reward rarely enjoyed by desk-bound engineers.

Here is technology along with some of the nature, personality, and philosophy I encounter during the course of my work. I hope you'll find something new or interesting here.

"Do you think he's dead yet?" I hope so.